The only case preparation and presentation system
for all Litigation Matters, big and small.


Evidence Building for the Digital Age

Advocate is the legal case preparation and presentation software that revolutionises the digital way litigators and advocates prepare their cases. It puts all evidence and legal argument in one place, building the relationship between evidential points and their sources.

Ten times faster than the old, paper-based approach, Advocate’s Quick Link system ensures you can easily locate and present all your key points and arguments with confidence and precision.

Advocate makes me a better litigator. It allows me to analyse the case much more proficiently and I spend a lot
less time finding work I did a few weeks ago: one click and it’s all there, linked and in one place.

Pravin Jugdaosingh, Marsans Solictors


Turn any document, case transcript or pleading interactive and multi-functional, always linked and findable. Dissect important information and build the structure of your submissions, research and pleadings.


Augment and enhance case production, remove bias and see the facts clearly. Use Events, tags and clouds to find your focus. Weigh details and evidence: how do they mean we win or lose? How do we change the momentum into a positive outcome?


Go live with presentation, timelines and interactive documents. Better for your client to understand clearly the state of their case; better for the other side to feel the clear force of your arguments and better for the court to see the case as you do.

The client will always remember you for the service you provide, and having digital litigation enables us to produce exceptional legal work and provide client service to a level that is competitive with much larger law firms in the area.

Pravin Jugdaosingh, Marsans Solictors

Advocate is Adaptive

Lawyers are skilled at adaption in their cases. Advocate helps extend those skills into lawyers’ working methods by doing what software hasn’t done before: create processes for evidence, law and persuasion. Advocate is about seeing the whole of the case quickly and removing misleading bias. It will lead you more accurately towards the right outcome, whether that is a settlement, a guilty plea, negotiations, proceedings or mediation.

Adds back to your brief

Advocate works exactly like you do. We have spent a long time learning from solicitors and barristers, replicating the best of their working methods and learning how to give you and your clients the clearest voice possible in every situation. This is where digital working levels the playing field so that all advocates have the best tools available, without the need for re-skilling or extra resources.


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